herotomorrow asked: How do you determine what the minimum required specs are for your games?

Educated guesses that lead to testing to cast a net of minimum usable specs over a broad range then increasing those specs slightly to partially insure similar operation over all users.


Anonymous asked: Have you played Metal Gear Rising? What are your thoughts on it?

Yes. I enjoyed it.


Anonymous asked: Favorite boss battle from each MGS game??

MGS 1: Psycho Mantis

MGS 2: The end with all the Rays

MGS 3: The Sorrow

MGS 4: Rex vs. Ray

MGS PW: Cocoon


critical-wit asked: It's difficult to understand whether programmers such as you or Jonathan Blow are so fluent with a language that you're able to write a lot of code with no assistance, then seek help when you encounter obstacles or need to implement a feature you're unfamiliar with. I know you read SDK books for fun. I want to know how long it took before you had the knowledge to make your first game. Asking because I may work with a programmer if needed, but I'd prefer to keep creative control.

You can’t quantify it with a time. Technically, I made my first “game” thing when I was 11 years old…a few days after I started learning BASIC. You don’t need to be a programmer like me or Jon to make a game. You simply have to work within your skillset. My skillset is highly technical so it’s easier for me to build the bones of whatever I want, however I can’t draw at all so I either need to work with someone that can draw, or contract it out. The only reason I know that is because I know where my skills are strong and where they are weak. It sounds like what you need to do is figure out your skills. The way you do that is by trying and failing. If you want to try to code your first game, try it. If it doesn’t get done within a time you’re comfortable with, realize that you’re not strong in programming and find a way to do the project differently or find someone to fill in. Right now, if you’re just starting out, worry less about maintaining creative control and worry more about making something. If the thing you want to retain creative control over is really important to you don’t work on it right now, save it for later and work on something else. The key here is work.


ridemybikeintotrashcans asked: how did you test SMB/MG? just play tests or did you do any sort of conventional software testing, i.e. regression testing, unit testing, etc?

Because I’m the only guy working in the code, I have working knowledge of everything that’s been changed. I’m good at keeping it all straight in my head so I’ve never deviated from “Hey that doesn’t work now….oh that’s probably because of this *change that* yep that fixed it”.


critical-wit asked: Everyone has a game that wasn't that good, but for one reason or another, they loved the game when they played it growing up and have a hard time not talking about the game with some amount of bias due to nostalgia. For me, it was Starship Titanic, an adventure game on the PC. Was there a game you loved and now realize might have been deeply flawed?

Not that I can recall. I’ve always been picky about the games I play.


Anonymous asked: You said somewhere that your engine uses threading. And other then loading stuff like files and levels, are there other places that are obvious that gets more effective with threading?

In my engine, no not really. My engine doesn’t do much, it’s not graphically intense, it’s not physics heavy, the only benefits it gets from threading is not locking the program while loading assets….that’s been going on since probably the late 60’s.


Anonymous asked: Have you read Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory? The second edition is coming out in August and i'm really excited. The first edition was really interesting.

I have no interest in books like that.


critical-wit asked: Is there something about the Tesla that makes you hesitant to drive it or is it more of a Sunday drive car? Seems like not having to worry about gas and 10% of the moving parts compared to a combustion engine would be nice. I do hate having to remember to recharge wireless devices, though.

It’s literally that it’s blocked by my other car. Also, the car I do drive often is also Electric (Chevy Volt).


critical-wit asked: Your previous response is certainly understandable. I suppose open source games do tend to be more tech based or multiplayer capable such as Natural Selection 2. It would just be awesome to see custom SMB "WADS" based on the code. You could replace Meat Boy with Raiden, Big Boss, Solid Snake, Psycho Mantis. Endless potential! The community would notice whether an SMB clone popped up on Steam Greenlight. I doubt they would support it at all. Reddit loves a good witch hunt, if you haven't noticed